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1st April 2013

2:16pm: Here's a puzzle question for you...
It's a strangely predictable thing, about the notion of "wishing someone well" . . . that the first item of any such schedule is a longer life -- Even when that life has become one that is now urging the bearer of it to be brought to closure . . . simply because its continuance has finally become too great a misery to bear.

Look . . . suppose you had a choice given you to become a new person (age of your own choosing), or to live one more year as whom you are, and have been for so many years that your joints are kinky and you can hardly hold up your frame any longer. Is the person you've been, all this time, actually worth continuing on with -- whatever the stumbling effort to do so -- just to get one more year of yourself, for the seeming satisfaction of the mere longevity of it -- even though it has by now become such a difficult burden that there is simply no further fulfillment left in that pursuit?

C'mon, now . . . will you look at this question -- its full range of expectations and considerations -- and then honestly say you feel that one more year of the burden is something to be wished for? Because I think that if you think so, you're just performing in some standardized, thoughtless way. And yet, everyone who contacts me seems to be thinking that way . . . seems to think they are wishing me well by wishing me another year of this misery!!

The correct answer to this puzzle question is to wish the person whatever they wish for themselves!

24th March 2013

11:45pm: Time to say goodbye . . .

Well, I think it's time for me to get straightforward and serious about what is going on for me. Many of you know already, and others have probably made the assumption.

In another few weeks, I'll be hitting my 86th birthday, the old body getting steadily weaker, and only sure of itself when braced by my 5-foot walking staff -- which I make sure never to be without. Even with it, I walk slowly and deliberately, and sit often for a rest.

My nephew, Gordon, will be up this way -- along with his son, Robbie, who wants to see me one last time. Yes, we'll all go out together, along with Georgina, for one final birthday party. [Assuming I'm still here by then!].

It has come down to that. I feel my body failing daily, and I'm making no bets on anything: I may still be here in three weeks . . . but, I may not.

It is exactly that dicey for me, these days.

Having failed to be this totally up-front about it, up to now, I recognize that the time has come to put the message out, in all its black/white clarity. So this is that message!

And it goes up as an entry on my LiveJournal site.

Just remember two things about me: one, that I have lived the life I wanted to live -- not always as honorably as I might have, but to my full satisfaction. And two: that friendships have been my most precious attainment . . . and yours is/was certainly among them!

Thanks for so often being there for me, and with me.


8th February 2013

10:19pm: Okay, one more time, for this LiveJournal site...

I really expected that I would not be putting another entry in here . . . that I'd have switched completely, by now, to what I'm calling the 'Memento site' -- because I have only memento tales I mean to leave, from here on out. That site, you'd better know, is a LiveJournal site I've called oldeIrv -- much more colorful and fanciful than this one [oldandeasy].

What prompts me to one more return, here, is that I watched, this evening, a unit in the series: Doctor Martin -- a passably good video series, but it relies on the impeccable diagnostic skills of that certain Dr. Martin, who seems capable of knowing, for a certainty, anyone's medical future once he puts his mind and skills to it. Those, of course, are 'story necessities' and I could ordinarily allow for it . . . for the sake of the story. It paints a necessary picture, however, that there are diagnostic certainties . . . with which I am in total disagreement. There are no diagnostic certainties, and I am the living proof of it! I am the longest-lived of my sibling trio . . . beating out my generally healthier brother by almost 20 years, thus far, and my much healthier sister by about 25.

I'm certainly no shining physical specimen, at 85, but that is very much the point of this: I had a job to do, and I've been doing it all this time . . . and apparently am still at it, for who knows how much longer! My time will come when it comes... and not before then.

Among the many areas of my 'understanding' with Georgina is the absolute certainty that we were 'meant to connect' with each other -- we assume it was by some sort of Pre-Birth Agreement we'd made, before each of us pursued younger lives in other parts of the country: slated to meet each other, here in the northwest, so as to round out this 'assignment' together. We are both convinced of it, for it came together so simply and naturally, when it finally did . . . even though we lived (and continue to) about 20 miles from each other, pursuing quite different personal agendas.

So I wanted to put that out: that there is no certainty about the transition of death, either as to when it will happen, nor how. And to foist any such possibility (whether by video drama, or by medical 'wisdom') is to entertain a fiction -- which is to say, those who choose to believe it, are merely shutting their own minds to other possibilities. It seems to me, it would certainly be preferable to leave the range of possibilities open, instead of closing them down. But . . . suit yourself! It IS up to you!


31st January 2013

11:13pm: Day by Day, my 'Real World' gets harder and harder to believe

This constant question, you know, about the Ascension thing: Are we on our way? . . . Am I, personally, on my way? And if not that, How do I account for weird things that have begun happening to me? I mean . . . some of it just seems really off the wall from what has always been my Real World!

Yesterday, after a rainy-afternoon appointment with my chiropractor, I trudged up to my neighborhood Whole Foods Market and bought -- as I invariably do -- more food than I could easily manage to carry -- especially with the rain heavier, and now darkness makin everything more problematical . . . it was suddenly too much for me.

I thought of my apartment neighbor, Jerry. He's helped me over tight humps before, but it wasn't the sort of thing one could count on. Nevertheless, in desperation I gave him a cellphone call. Amazingly, he was just headed out the door, himself, on a short list of personal errands that included a stop at the Whole Foods Market! I caught him just as he was ready to take off. It was quite as if -- Yes, I had certainly Ascended, and now all I had to do was focus on what I needed. With amazing speed, Jerry was there, in the Market, right there beside me! To provide this full rescue from the travail I was facing. Have you any idea how good and new-dimensional-reality this felt? Was there any other explanation for it?

Today's instance was somewhat different . . . but in the end, it has had much the same feeling...

Entirely baffled by the equipment, and accompanying instructions that Comcast had sent, regarding the change they had recently put into place, with their equipment, I had requested of them a technician visit, here, to pull me through it. It took place this afternoon, and -- however the guy managed it, I seem to have all my old perks back, on my video set-up, and MUCH MORE than I had imagined I'd ever get out of my video, along with it. 

I swear, I have to be in the New Reality . . . call it Ascension, or whatever is a truer name for what's going on in my world now. I'm even able to do Sudoku puzzles more easily than I ever before could do them. Am I out here in another Dimension  . . . or what?

28th January 2013

10:26pm: A most amazing connection has come my way...

One of those happenstance things, with no essential reason for happening . . . a friend of a friend kind of thing, you know, that might just as easily have whizzed right by me, or failed to come my way in the first place.

I have this longtime friend, Marci, living in the hills north of Santa Cruz -- someone I well recall, but whom I'm irregularly in touch with, as it's been decades since I lived anywhere nearby . . .

And she has a friend who happens to be the recent author of a somewhat autobiographical work: Allegro, a tale of how she re-structured her life from its 'disjointed youth', which essentially began with her 'banishment' from the West Coast to one of those so-called 'relocation camps' set up for West Coast Japanese Americans, whose American citizenship was dishonored when they were relocated 'by official decree', supposedly for the good of all concerned.

War tangles people's lives . . . it did then, and it does now. For all of our 'civilized processes' and hi-tech tools, people's lives still get torn apart. Circumstances will change, but the crunch of displacement can be relied on to leave victims in its wake.

But . . . Back to my amazing tale...

I was sending my Spring Book -- my personal ode to that first 21 years of our lives -- to that original longtime friend, Marci, when she spoke about this friend of hers, Helene, who wrote the book Allegro. Marci said that Helene wanted to send me a copy of the book. She gave no indication as to why, other than it being her own story. So I thought of it as a trade (of personal tales), and figured "why not?" And I included the extra Spring Book in my mailing to Marci, since the Allegro book was already on its way. I had no other advance notice as to what the Allegro book was all about.

So I was taken completely by surprise when it arrived, in the discovery of its actual nature.

The next discoveries followed quickly: Helene Honda (Allegro's author) was a pen name. She was a Japanese American of somewhere near my own vintage, and she had lived in San Francisco when that war began . . . and (surprise of surprises) within walking distance of where I'd been living, at the time, myself!

I've thus become acquainted with a woman I might well have known -- certainly must have crossed paths with -- during those early years of my life. As it happens, she is two years older than me, and she remembers that district better than I do! An absolute gift to me, 'Helene' is, and one with whom I am looking forward, now, to an ongoing exchange . . . with great anticipation.

That wonders may never cease!

26th January 2013

12:25am: Well, I'm a somewhat happier Warrior tonight

It appears that my week-long travail is winding down. My world should be back to normal by tomorrow night. Maybe thanks to the Full Moon, for all I know . . . or maybe just the eventual sufficiency of travail-time-gone-by. Maybe I've even learned a lesson or two, from it. (Like: how to ride out times of travail). I'm not going to say it was good for me . . . but maybe it was.

Anyway, I expect my world will feel much better with all of that behind me. Maybe it was just patience with 'what is' that I had to be reminded of. Or . . . possibly the very transition that my turmoil has been all about! The Ascension!

Whether, or no, I can tell you this: I've had, for the first time in a long stretch of recall . . . a modestly (but actually) formed configuration of toilet deposits!! That may not impress those among you who are fortunate enough to have them regularly . . . those of you whom I perhaps had envied (- had I known this -) for all the years of our friendship -- but of course, I'd have never breathed it aloud to you. Constipation or diarrhea, one or the other, has been the story of my 85 years. It's been a lo-o-o-ong 85 years!

So there you are, I've put it into letters and words. My horrid secret, mostly only referred to, seldom said so forth-rightly. But then, you could not appreciate the gift of inner healing received, unless I made it so point-blank. And I really have to, of course, because I've made such a Big Deal about our actual capability of creating with our reality, as we edge into these New Times, and their gradually deepening Dimensional Shift that's underway now.

So now I have some proof, and I find it quite important to be entirely up-front about it.

That's all, for tonight, folks . . .

Back again, soon . . .


24th January 2013

8:03pm: Learning to Live With What IS
I'm sure it's a lesson I should have learned long ago . . . and, in fact, thought I had!  But then there comes a moment when 'the real thing' hits you right square in the gut, and you realize that you hadn't learnt anything at all! You'd just got all the ideas settled . . . but it takes real events on top of the ideas, to make their mark on your reality!

In childhood, for example, we do a lot of 'strutting around', showing off all the things we think we know . . . like how tough we are (just to name one of them that many folks will secretly recognize . . . now that we're decades on beyond it). And then, one day, a guy walks by, takes an instant 'measure' of you, and decides to push you around a bit . . . and your entire self-image, nurtured for decades and polished to a high gloss (mainly because nobody ever challenged it) . . . is suddenly destroyed! (Of course, you may stupidly decide to believe what you've built up as your own self-image)...

Does it sound at all familiar? I know which of my self-glorifications has substance . . . but it's not always easy to remember which do not. And then there is the miserable fact of aging, itself, that can change the truth of things. I like to think that I'm still capable of 'hitting the road' . . . but I've had sense enough (thus far) not to put it to the test. What I think I'm learning these days is the more humble art of letting things go.  Since I've always had such a basically free spirit, it doesn't come easily to me. And I'm discovering that Old Age itself, has this major pitfall of confronting you with a steady flow of these illustrative demonstrations. What a drag . . . !

Okay, well -- to get to my trail-winding point -- I've had a tangle with Comcast recently, and come out on the losing end of it, in that I'm no longer able o use my familiar video equipment in familiar -- in fact, habituated -- ways. Comcast 'killed this privilege' of mine, to make their point that I must order some piece of tech equipment immediately, to handle an upgrade shortly due, system-wide. Okay, I've made the arrangement. But to make their point, and leave no possibility I might let it slide, they hit me broadside with a notification that allow nothing else at all on my video screen.

So, for more than a week, now, I've been denied the usual meager pleasures that have sustained my good temper in the midst of a really draggy northwest winter. It has established a new media status-quo: I get nothing at all outside of their impossible-to-ignore message of urgency. As near as I can tell, this will continue for another week or more. In their seldom considerate way, they've made no provision for removing the beastie words since their first appearance on my screen. 

Needless to say, I raged over that, considering every possible way I might 'counter attack' . . . but it has all added up to: nothing I could do about it!

Hence, my current tribulations, and dog-day travail.

In the midst of which . . . I continue to wonder how I -- the sickly kid among the three of us -- hangs in, and continues, and continues to prove . . . something or other; I'm no longer sure exactly what . . . except that I am a remarkably tough old bird, after all.


22nd January 2013

7:39pm: Well, I'm pretty PISSED today . . .

I manage to lead a pretty simple life, keeping to my own affairs, minding my own business . . . having a fine 'reality partner' relationship -- and now a marriage! -- with Georgina, whom the Universe blessed me with, a couple of years ago. I haven't been all that happy with the way the world is going, and I try to bring my own insights to bear on it -- but nothing heavy, you understand. I don't have the 'standing' or the personal intensity for it. I stay clear of anything that would push me in that direction.

On account of that discretion -- and perhaps, to some degree, avoidance (I won't deny the tendency) -- I stay out of hassles. But the world being what it has come to be, and trending as it has been, unwanted difficulties seem to seek me out, sometimes. It is no longer possible for any 'thinking person' to remain free of entanglement, of one sort or another. It lies on your path . . . and this is said by one who tries to stay with known paths. Any friends of mine will so testify, I'm sure.

But all certainly isn't within my range of control . . . and as I age beyond the border of a stable mentality, it is no surprise that I am now and then ensnared by it. And so it has happened, thanks to the latest rumblings of Comcast.

Admitting, to begin with, a deeply unfavorable view of Comcast [they have 'fouled me' on past occasions, and seem to remain immune from any effort of mine toward adjustment], I hate having anything at all to do with them. But they hold a commanding position, and I've found there is little I can do about it . . . so I learn to live with it, in one manner or another. My somewhat consoling reaction -- merely a personal one -- is the frequent self-reminder that Comcast Sucks. It's only a consolation measure, of course . . . [though I'm about to start making a campaign of it, as such!].

Their latest stretch of intrusion has to do with a change in their system, for which they require the addition of a new piece of techno-equipment to my deliberately simple video system. I don't use it much at all, but the single pattern I've fallen into let's me watch a half-hour of BBC news, followed by an hour of PBS news. I've other news options, to be sure; but this combo adds something that I should not like to miss out on.

Nevertheless, yesterday came this insistent intrusion from Comcast, letting me know that my unit required another piece of equipment, to be provided by them before this month is out. The message came in such a way that it was not a suggestion, but a demand! The message filled a screen, and prevented anything else (like BBC news) from interfering!

Okay, so I called the Comcast number this morning, accepted their 'advice' and ordered their unit of equipment. And then I discovered there was no way I could get their insistent warning message off my screen! There was no way that I could turn my own TV screen back to any personal use!! Not for as long as their warning continues to intrude . . . which means for a week or two at the very least.

So there you have it, for tonight's LiveJournal post.

[Just remember this ongoing slogan: Comcast Sucks! . . . Comcast Sucks] . . . use it, and let them hear it!

And spread the word of this in your own devious ways.


. . . Comcast Sucks.

14th January 2013

10:45pm: Back Again, With Something Worth Sharing . . .

... Actually, from the same source web site as last night's shared material, though not the same author (Tadjima). They use a common web site shared with many others, and you should perhaps be aware of it as one to visit on your own. It's called... Blue Dragon Journal, and I'll make sure to leave the web site address before I'm done with this. These circumstances and this outlook are precisely what we should be 'boning up' on, at this time . . . as now is the critical time for them, when so much around us has begun to shift, with the recent turning of the year.

But read what Elizabeth Ayres Escher, in this recent writing, has to say about it...

Opening Up to Your Divinity is a Sacred Mission

In the past week or so, I have experienced nearly nightly visitations from various ascended beings. I am beginning to take this as a matter of course, but a few years ago, I would have questioned my sanity. Let’s face it – the role of being a Light worker on this planet has been a long, lonely road for most of us. We’ve been sprinkled like spare salt over the face of the earth, into various fields of endeavors, some as parents, some as singles, some gay, some straight, and in every country across the planet. Many of us have had to live with partners, spouses and children who were not awake, and resistant to any change whatsoever in their carefully constructed lives. Others of us have been travelers, moving across the globe, some in groups visiting the energy centers of the planet. And still others have begun to shape incipient communities, often much to the displeasure of surrounding neighbors suspicious of anything to do with spirituality outside traditional religions.

I have lived a divided life for a long time. While I am in the process of coming out (as it were) as a star seed and Light worker by running this blog, most of my co-workers and neighbors do not have a clue as to what constitutes the “real” me. And I suppose this is reflective of my lack of understanding of same. However, now that we are moving into an energy that is more conducive to light work, it is time that we all begin to explore and open up to our divinity, our true Self, our multi-dimensional being, as an individual starseed and as part of collective humanity.

One thing that I discovered this past weekend was that spiritual work can be very uplifting… quite literally. On Friday night, my guides came in and we began to do a careful Kundalini “exercise” that lasted perhaps a couple of hours. It took me practically all the next day to come down enough so I could function. Good thing I did not have to go to work. The energies were pulsing through me and I kind of floated on a sea of bliss most of the day. Didn’t get much accomplished and didn’t care.

Last night, my Higher Self came in with its Twin Flame and we “discussed” the relationships that exist between the soul extension personality and the “higher” spiritual bodies. If you have ever seen one of those Russian doll sets where the largest doll opens to reveal a smaller one, and then that one reveals another smaller yet and so on… well, that is a faint echo of what we are to our greater collective consciousness. We are Them and they are us. As the veils go down – and they went down with a big thud on 12/21/12 -- we can begin to open up to these greater parts of ourselves. By greater I do not mean better or more spiritual. We are and have always been a part of the Whole; we just forgot as part of our role-playing on this planet.

As starseed and Light workers, we came here to free the people of Earth who have been caught up in a limited consciousness field for thousands of years. We took on the commission knowing that some of us would also get caught up in the strong negative energy fields existing here; however, being the bravest of the bravest, or perhaps not bothering to read the fine print at the bottom of the contract, we came in, as babies, into a strange place.

The title of the science fiction book, “Stranger in a Strange Land”, always resonated with me, as I know it has for other starseeds. Despite the difficulties of adapting to the local customs, I personally fell in love with planet Earth or Terra as I like to call her. Although stripped of her natural resources, she still offered me many moments of beauty and peace as I spent years hiking and backpacking in the wonderful mountains and sea shores of the Pacific Northwest of North America. I found beauty in the wild life and wild flowers, peace in walking the canyons, woods and ridges, soaking in the natural wonders all around me. I saw how many of her inhabitants were less than kind to her (to the planet) and her life forms, but they were asleep in a fear-filled nightmare. They did not realize that they were hurting themselves by hurting their environment. Like the behavior found in some of the mentally imbalanced, they cut upon themselves by cutting or littering or defiling the wilds.

This was and is a people who have been systematically stripped of their spiritual connection to the planet, to life and to each other. Now, it is time for them to begin to reopen to that connection and it is our job, as Light workers, to lead by example. If you were ever unsure of your connection to Spirit and to Home, don’t be. Realize that your thoughts create your world. What you dwell on will manifest in your world. If you linger in fear and hesitate, circumstances creating more doubt and fear will arise.

In my decision to begin this blog six months ago, I knew that I was opening a door that could never be shut, unless I chose to do so. I have encountered through this Internet connection some wonderful people… and a few not so wonderful to balance the experience. I have taken a stand in creating a space that I hope offers an example, not to follow but to inspire others, whether they consider themselves starseed or Light workers or just regular folk who are searching for meaning in their lives.

On the surface, I live a regular American life. I get up in the morning, go to work, go to the gym and then come home to household chores and my two cats. To my neighbors, I’m a quiet but friendly sort who spends a lot of time alone, walking, writing and gardening. However, inside, deep within my being I am undergoing a massive reconstruction project, otherwise known as ascension. And from what I have read about the ascension process, it is not an overnight happening, but occurs gradually over a long (or shorter) period in order to allow the body to adapt to the increase of the energies that it can carry. As evidenced by my experience with the Goddess Kundalini, it will take a little more time for me to carry those energies gracefully, yet every day I can carry more.

What is the benefit in being a human guinea pig since physical ascension has never before occurred on this massive scale? Well, it allows each of us to become transformers and transmitters of the light energy that is daily being beamed to the planet from the various galactic light ships stationed around the solar system, as well as Cosmic energies being directed by heavenly bodies (i.e., stars) and the ascended masters. In the past, most humans who ascended dropped their physical body once their monad descended into it, as the process literally blew out the fuses of the body’s electromagnetic system. This time, ascension is going more slowly to allow our bodies to gradually adapt to the increases. We can speed up the process individually; but do seek the guidance of your soul and Monad when doing so.

We are quite literally bringing heaven to earth. Our planet, the one that we have adopted during this great work, is set to blossom into radiant beauty once the fifth dimensional energies become stronger. We can allow this to happen by focusing on opening up to our true nature, as multidimensional beings embodied here and now. Life does become very interesting when you start expanding your neighborhood to include the Universe.

While processing these very strong energies and undergoing the tests that come with the process of Ascension, do seek out the means to keep grounded and in your body, through meditation, exercise, good food, finding like-minded people with whom to share, spending time outside and in nature and anything that gives you some joy and laughter in your life.

We are the Ones we were looking for and now is the time to get on with the project of bringing the fifth dimension into being, a new world and a new age for humanity and our lovely blue-green planet, Terra.


Copyright © 2013 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included http://bluedragonjournal.com/

13th January 2013

11:57pm: OK . . . All Right . . . I'm Back Here!

Nothing from me can ever be considered permanent! And these days, especially . . . I feel like I'm being tossed in the winds of a hugely turbulent universe. I DECIDEDLY don't like it . . . but I can do nothing other than Roll (Roil?) with it. I'm probably lucky just to be along for the ride. But understanding it? . . . or having any idea of which way it will next pull me? . . . Well, that's for the Gods to know .. .. not me! About the best thing I can do, for myself, is try and hang together through the passage . . . which I'm not particularly good at.

So forgive my uncertainties, my back-and-forths, my squalls and yelps, my . . . my Momentary Certainties and Giant Misjudgements and all the other Know-it-all-Idiocies that regularly reel out from me. I am thoroughly humbled by how gentle all of you have been, toward me and these foibles -- thi Ego-In-My-Way - as it regularly blinds me to my blithe way of continuing through these struggles . . . each time, coming up with a fres Wisdom Has Arrived note of supposed finality . . . when it's been nothing more, each time, than my latest State Of Confusion.

I've not been of much use as a guide or counsel at all, have I? 

Well, the one 'Saving Grace' I'll claim for what I've managed to post is the fact that I'm able to bring you significant 'voices' other than my own, from time to time, to share other-than-common perspectives on what's taking place, in this world of continually shifting and increasingly uncertain realities. I have one of those now: a rather amazing 'channeled' message that some of you, I'm sure, will consider highly meaningful and significant . . . as I did, myself. Many of you won't, of course. It's entirely up to you . . . but I wanted to see that you received it.

This arrives from a visionary named Tazjima, and I provide the entirety of her statement...

Message from the Divine Mother – 10 January 2013, by Tazjima

I AM the Divine Mother.

Beloved ones, we wish to welcome you into your new world now that you’ve had a week or two to feel out the new energies. While it still may not be apparent to many people that anything happened during the Shift, we can assure you that much has indeed happened. As was witnessed by some who are presently embodied on the planet among you, the very structure that previously supported the third dimension has been removed by those great Beings who constructed it in the first place. Your world and everything upon it has been moved up into the 4th dimension and will now move gradually into the 5th dimension, as more people begin to feel the heart-based feminine energies that are now available to anyone.

The work done by the light workers on the planet has been extraordinary, your devotion to the cause exemplary. Now the entire Universe will benefit from your work, as well as that portion of the Earth’s population who are yet unawake, but whose Higher Selves wish for them to also ascend. We thank you for your astonishing generosity of spirit, beloved ones of the collective of humanity.

For those of you who are still dissatisfied with the outcome of Shift, we apologize profusely for any misunderstandings or expectations that were not met. Part of the misunderstanding, if one existed, stems from semantics, the use of language and the ability of our messengers to accurately convey our messages. Another part of the “problem”, if one exists, is that sometimes the human mind (and ego) has difficulty in understanding that we work on a different time frame. We do not work from dates, but from levels of energy. And there are always changes in plans.

However, the time period of 12/12/12 to 12/23/12 was quite extraordinary. Due to the very expectations, hopes and desires of those focusing on the potentiality of ascension, your combined efforts enabled the legions of Heaven to lift up the planet and humanity into a lighter vibration, lower density plane. As we have stated earlier, a transformation of your world has taken place, just not in the manner expected by some.

It will take some time, in your terms, for the changes to be apparent in the physical. However, those among you who are particularly sensitive have already experienced a noticeable difference in the energies. Those who have the gift and ability of clairvoyance have witnessed a change in the light radiating from the planet and surrounds; the darkness that had invaded the lower dimensions of your world is gone. All that formerly supported the continuance of the rigid structure of three-dimensional life is now gone. All the structures that were created in 3D are now without inner support; like a building from which the primary supports have been withdrawn, they will collapse. Still, patience is required for those who look to see outward changes.

We remind you, gently, to first look within if you desire to see and experience changes in your world. You are all co-creators; your thoughts as a collective create the world in which you live. Although multiple timelines do exist and intermingle, it is still up to the collective of the timeline in which you find your major focus that will determine what you experience.

We encourage you to leave the structures of the old energy to fall into decay on their own. Placing your focus upon them or resisting them in any way gives these structures power, at least for a short time. Focus instead on your own inner journey. You have all done the work, whether in full consciousness or not; at some level your multidimensional being has been involved in the great Shift, the one long predicted by many cultures across the globe.

In Heaven, we work with long cycles. This Shift was expected for a long time as it came at the end of one world and the beginning of another. Yet with all change, there is some cross-over and gradual loosening of old bonds and ways of thinking that need to be done, even as new ways of living and thinking become more common with the passage of time.

You, our beloved and hard-working light-workers, are needed here on the planet, to continue to hold the light and to be examples of how to live in the new energies. We encourage you to play with the energies, first to see if you do sense any differences. Some light-workers, although very awake, aware and able have not yet tapped into their higher abilities (clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and others). Do not fret or be disturbed by this apparent lack that you may be experiencing. As the tension and stress attributed to the old energies begins to leave your bodies, you will begin to naturally open up to feeling, seeing and hearing new things. Other abilities will also manifest as your higher selves begin to be able to merge and anchor into your physical body.

Work on learning to balance and calm your emotional body, as it is one of the sensitive bodies that absorb a lot of information, but which is blocked when you are upset, angry, and anxious or in fear. Clearing the emotional body of fear will enable you to access higher functions of intuition. And do learn to take a moment or two (or much longer) to spend time with yourself in a quiet place so you can listen, simply listen for the quiet voice within. If you feel that it is yourself talking in your head, you are correct. What is being said is another issue. If your ego is trying to dominate the conversation, the message will be controlling, even negative in its wording. In contrast, the voice of your higher self will be gentle, calm and sometimes even funny. Our messenger can attest to the humor of her guides; she has enjoyed many a chuckle or laugh due to a wry comment or two.

There is much to learn or remember for now you are opening up to the realization that you are truly multidimensional beings, existing at once on many different planes. Your higher bodies communicate with other soul extensions and members of their soul monad or families, as well as communicate with other greater beings whose “bodies” encompass planets, stars and even Universes. We do not relate this to make you feel intimidated, but to encourage you to explore your new world, step by step, in a manner that will not lead to overwhelm.

Seasoned light-workers are being situated to offer assistance, if needed, along the way to fifth dimensional living and you may call on us, Father-Mother God, the archangels, the angels and ascended masters, as well as upon your galactic brethren for assistance. For now, this assistance will be mostly on an energetic level, but in time when more of your population are feeling better adjusted, our assistance will become more physically apparent. Particular dates and predictions will not be given out as that only leads to expectations and disappointments.

To quicken your own personal ascension, we encourage you to look out sources to teach you meditation and relaxation techniques. Listen to how you feel about anything that you explore. If your body begins to tighten up and you feel stressed or anxious, then whatever you are exploring is not for you. You are in charge of your ascension. It is a process, but can be speeded up according to how much you apply yourself to the “work”.

And there will be some who float naturally along with the energies and do not have to do any work that is apparent to an onlooker. However, be aware that many light-workers have embodied with little or no karma, and have already attained ascension in other worlds and planes numerous times. They are here with you to anchor a greater light quotient to keep the energy level of the general population high enough to sustain the continuance of the ascension process for all. In doing this sacred work, they are contributing to the Whole of Creation, for the entire Universe is being affected by the work being done here.

We are quite pleased by what has taken placed on Earth. From the darkest, most dense planet of the third dimension she has literally been transformed. And she will, again, take her rightful place as one of the most beautiful planets existing within this Universe. We hope that many of you will choose to linger upon her as she is raised up in vibration and becomes as bright as a star. There is much to be done to heal her physical body, but also much potential for the use of creative energies to assist in this work of the new age.

If you are still experiencing disappointment and sorrow, please call upon us for comfort. Our nurturing feminine energies can bring a relaxation and release to whatever is bothering you. It is possible that you also may need to work on journaling or doing some other inner kinds of work as this great change will bring up much that needs to be healed. In the process of everyday living in 3D, much was stuffed down in order to be able to function in the restricted manner in which the 3D world required. While it was never meant to be so restrictive, it became so. The resulting traumas and emotional upsets are still stored in the tissue and cells of your physical body, manifesting as pain, heat or cold. Call upon the healing angels and the gentle Arcturians to assist you in these healings.

We encourage you to release now all judgment of those who participated in the darkest episodes (and to some degree, still persist) of your old world; they will have to undergo a life review upon leaving this world. We can assure you that self-judgment is far more severe than anything that the heavenly hosts would choose to dish out. These ones will suffer remorse and even dismay at what they have done when they experience it through their own bodies. Leave that punishment and vengeance to the out-playing of natural law. And work on releasing your own sense of self-judgment that has been taken on in as a result of living in a constrictive environment with many laws and expectations, most of them false, unattainable or designed to control and intimidate the population.

In our eyes, you are perfect. As you expand your sense of self, you will also begin to experience the wonder of your being. You are all beautiful light beings, whose light brilliantly shines through the massive aura of your planet. We love all of you and admire your determination to sustain the work through many lifetimes, despite all of the resistance, pain and trauma that you have endured.

There will come a time when you will be able to review much of what has transpired here, to see and even experience some of your currently suppressed history, that which has been untold or buried by your erstwhile controllers. Much will be revealed. Much will astonish you. You have worked hard and the way will become easier as you move into the new energies. Be open to what comes.

There will be much opportunity and changes coming for those who are able to focus their intent and dreams into being. It is a wondrous new world that you are entering. A child-like sense of wonder, an ability to open your mind to possibilities and a determination to meet the challenges that will come will give all a new sense of being alive.

You have finally struck free of the bonds that held you back. Use your creative powers to create the world in which you want to live. Bring it into manifestation and discover the wonders of your multidimensionality, as well as the endless opportunities, joy and wonders that will unfold to those who go forth with eyes open and senses expectant.

Beloved ones, we love you so much. Go forth with our blessings. We wish you well on your journey of discovery. Namaste.

Thank you, beloved Divine Mother.

Copyright © 2013 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. http://bluedragonjournal.com/

6th January 2013

11:10pm: GUESS WHAT . . . . . . . !!!

Treasure this one, folks. Analyze it to your heart's content. Or just laugh your head off. But don't, DON'T, DON'T write to me about it.

This -- FOR SURE -- is my final entry in this oldandeasy LiveJournal segment. I'll maintain options, for awhile, about the oldefool LiveJournal site. Doesn't mean I'm going to continue with those; but they were to serve a different purpose, that I may still consider to be a valid (i.e.: non-wasteful) use of my time. But no promises on it!

This one, however, will go no further!


I am finally recognizing that . . . no one really cares.

Over the several-month course of the last 25 entries I've made to this, I received exactly one response comment. It is such an obvious waste of my time and concern that I feel rather sheepish about the HUGE ego investment it has represented . . . really: it's a shameful commentary, in itself. It has finally brought me to my senses. Yes, there have been a few personal comments from folks, outside the frame provided . . . but usually in response to comments made outside the frame, by myself . . . like on the phone, when I say "Did you see my recent entry? . . ."

Ego is, perhaps, my biggest personal problem. But this narrow ledge of it is being cut off!



5th January 2013

9:27pm: Anyone for . . . Ascension?


Well, we've had a week to assess it, now, on individually personal levels: Did the great 'turning point' amount to anything? Did it fulfill its prospect? Have you felt changes appropriate to its advance billing? Do YOU feel significantly changed . . . and on your way into a process of Ascension?

What's the personal verdict on that?

I've said a couple things about it, already, for myself. In the first place, I've felt all along that it was a process more gradual than sudden and that it had already been underway for some while, before the turning-point moment arrived. Maybe I was protecting myself against disappointment, I'm not sure. A natural skepticism has always resided in me. As well as a dreamer's outlook. I've lived through quite a lot, in my life's course.

Still . . . I've been basically a Dreamer, on this particular prospect. I WANT to see the change . . . I WANT to believe in it. I'll give it the benefit of every uncertainty.

So, where, at long last, do I stand, on what took place . . . or didn't?

I watched that first night -- 12/21/12 -- and reported that it gave me my first full and restful night of sleep in a very long while. A good beginning . . . but hardly enough for the great build-up the occasion had prompted.

I said also, however, that I had 'invested' the situation with my own qualifications. I had 'seeded it,' as it were, with my personal focus on a process of internal healing. If nothing else, this gave me a basis for appraisal of what actually did transpire. For myself, at least. I put my own primary concerns into it.

And I'm pleased to report: that personal healing has very definitely been taking place! -- though it comes somewhat in fits and starts. But evident in several respects: my bowel action has improved; my left-leg reliability has gone back and forth but is quite clearly in process of adjustment. These are highly personal measures . . . but more believable to me, in that very circumstance, than 'generally observed results' might be. This is what I wanted, and this is what I got!

How about you?

1st January 2013

11:02pm: Tricky times! -- Not at all easy to run with.

Of course, you could ask me "What did you expect?" And I'd have to hide my face, avoiding any hard answer. The truth, of course, is that I had no way of knowing what to expect (none of us did) -- but hidden below the reserve or the honest innocence was a pretty absolute expectation that we were going to see some kind of improvement in the general sense of things. I mean, those of us who understood it -- more honestly, who believed in it -- as a great turn-around moment in the course of things . . . well, the expectation had been a very long time, a-building! Long enough, in fact, that we weren't about to settle for **nothing at all!** Or what has thus far seemed that way.

So I was quite happy, this evening, for the arrival of a link to the worthwhile work of a "Soul Level Astrologer" named Mark Borax -- his very current appraisal of what he feels is going on, here, with whatever is going on here.

I can't quote his full report, but I think I can usefully convey to you the critical heart of it, where it dwells on these concerns. Maybe it will help with your uncertainties, as it has helped with my own...

"The pattern we are shedding is the pattern of having forced ourselves to fit into a broken system. To make the world work we stuffed our truth, damaging our gut instincts, creating illness and distortion. Since the 1970s this disease has grown epidemic, until normalcy itself became a severely twisted version of reality. When you feel poisoned by this venom, dig down into the great love packed into your soul. Let the sheer abrasiveness of world drama slough off your former nature and open your inner vision to the interconnectedness of all things.
"To shed everything but love means your commitment will be put to the test. Darkness will vie with light for supremacy on the world stage. The power you've been given as a soul manifesting in human form during the greatest change of the ages was not given to you lightly or accidentally. It is no error of the gods that you find yourself here. The force that sent you here is the same creative force that created the universe, and it can remake the world if enough of us awaken to the power that we have to change things.
"The task this year is to love the hell out of yourself, to turn the truth of your innermost heart into the beacon light you steer by. To rise up from the chaos of a dying world, peel the old skin off and at long last discover what you're made of.
"Right Livelihood means you're here to do so much more than pay bills, and that no barrier can block the unleashed creative dream of your soul. For when the world serpent opens her inner eyes, time and space part, and all things reveal their essence."

And then Mark Borax (http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs101/1102009605832/archive/1112018429745.html) goes on to detail the various astro-signs and how each might relate to this info. I only want to touch briefly on my own, of these, for an instance of how he deals with this. I find that it fits well.

"Aries: Despite your timidity and confusion you are a spiritual warrior who needs to choose your battles wisely rather than exhaust yourself fighting everything. Spiritual Warriors are distinguished from other kinds by claiming the great truth that you are your own greatest opponent and ally. Once you work out your inner turmoil nothing will stand in your way. Those people who shut you down are simply reminders of the part of you that has been blocking yourself. Once you vanquish your inner opponents the outer ones will be easier to deal with."

30th December 2012

7:26pm: Sorry for my seeming fade-out from here...

The days have gone by fast and furiously -- as I'm sure they have for all of you out there, whether in the rains of our northwest, the dry mid-country, or the storms of elsewhere . . . it's been a December to reckon with! True in Multiple Ways, when the added influence of these Transitional Times we've been saddled with is factored in!

And naturally, you'll be wanting to know how I've been affected by that latter aspect! So let me proceed to fill you in, with personal impressions of the much-heralded turnaround-time and some of my resultant thoughts about it.

It's been fascinating, in the first place, because no prior holiday season, for me, has ever been experienced in such a sliced-up way. There has always been a kind of unity to the holiday season, a coherence that's been totally lacking, this time around. It has seemed altogether fragmented -- the entire several weeks of it, as the month moved along. I've tried to maintain my frequent contact with Georgina -- both by phone and in connecting with each other; but it, too, seemed too often fragmented, as if we were each being hassled by it, in different ways. Even our communication often, in various ways, became mis-communication.

I've no doubt at all that the turnaround aspect we've known we were moving into had a great deal of effect on us. But there was little more we could do with it than to just be aware, and allow for it. Though the 'allowance' became an entirely 'blind alley' when it came to making allowance for it. It brought little recompense in its influence. I guess we could each fall back on it, when things didn't quite work out as we might have hoped. Like the fact of far too little sunshine, on dry days, for any real satisfaction. I think that when the world (or life) moves away from normalcy, It is just bound to be fragmentary and disturbing, and has got to be accepted that way.

On the beginning night of our Turnaround-time, I had the wonderful experience of a good, long night of sleep -- my first such in a very long while. And I considered that a positive signal that 'it' was underway. But as 'it' proceeded, I fell back, more, on what I had 'pre-conditioned' myself with: the idea that I could positively set my own agenda for what would be taking place. I've been telling myself, all the way along, that my own intent establishes my course of personal focus, and that this can predictively affect what will eventuate for me. I've felt, in other words, that I am capable of setting my own course! This has seemed reasonable to me, and has offered a kind of self-guidance, as we've moved into this Time.

Because of my age, largely, and clear feelings of diminishing physical capability, I chose to focus on self-healing as my most important concern. I've stuck with this choice of development all the way through the process, making it my prime focus. So that, when it came to assessing what might be happening, as we entered the time of change, I had a kind of 'yardstick' for assessing progress and progression. And it's been useful to have that. Furthermore, this focus has significantly given me an actual sense of transitional change! I find myself seriously 'pushing' the notion that my physical self definitely benefits from an increasing sense of physical vitality. I literally make it so! Admitting, however, that it sort of blurs the picture of what's taking place 'because of these times of change' and what is due, primarily (or mainly) to self-determination. Perhaps, indeed, our 'Turning-point Times of change' are more fully under our own control than we've initially assessed them to be!

Anyway, a lot of good food-for-thought, in all of that. I think it's worth dwelling on!

22nd December 2012

9:03pm: High Times! . . . and a good deal of (dis)stress

Just in case you aren't aware of it...

There is a lot of uproar going on, at the moment, between various parties awaiting their Ascension lift-off -- which was supposed to have taken place -- or at least, begun -- during this past 24 hours. I am, myself, among that lot . . . but I am not complaining. For reasons that I wish to elaborate. For my own part, the lift-off -- or the Ascension, if you prefer -- is proceeding nicely.

The difference involves some fundamental perspectives about how this lift-off is generated, and how it is detected. The dispute is among various factions who have relied on various published versions of what to expect when the time for it arrives (which was last night). 

As those of you who have been reading me, over the months, should already know, I've said right along that what will take place is really up to us, individually, to define and watch for; that this 'mass event', while happening at essentially the same time for all, will be 'known' according to very personal parameters. That is, if we have chosen to make it so. I have made it a matter of personal choice, not because I had some 'special way' in mind, but because I didn't want to find myself in that mass entrapment. And not necessarily because I didn't trust it; but because I wanted a very personal relationship to whatever sort of 'signal' or 'cue' I would receive.

My thinking was very good on that. When the turning-point arrived last night, those who had stayed with what I'll call the mass (undifferentiated) expectation found themselves with no specific 'hook' on which to hang their outlook, their anticipation. The 'Mass Uplift', as always described, was a cluster of cliches: our 'dimensionality' will deepen (but what did that mean - as an experience?); or we'll feel the lift-off (without stating how it will feel). So I chose to stay free of that.

Instead -- and I knew it was to happen last night -- I pretty-much waited for something with which I could personally identify, without specifying what it should be. And . . . it was there for me, coming as a complete surprise. Definitely personal.

For the first time, in a long stretch of memory, I experienced a full night of beautifully deep sleep.

That's how I knew -- and know -- that the transition was made . . . and that I am on my way.

20th December 2012

10:47am: My final entry -- ???
Well, let's just say that it's the last one I can be sure of, at this moment. Tomorrow, midday, Georgina and I go for a grand lunch, the gift of my chiropractor, at a special Italian place. And we'll just discover What's Happening, from there.

This morning, I received a validating all-points message from my longtime friend, Jack Noel, in New Mexico. Let me briefly sum the tale of this connection, because it has meaning in the present context. 

Jack is one of two long-term friendships that eventuated with people who picked up this hitch-hiker at the roadside. The other was Laraine, who is as strongly 'out there on the fringe' as I am . . . and as Jack is. We who deviate from the everyday norm have our embedded affiliates . . . do not suppose I 'mysticize' alone!

Anyway, Jack sent an amazing message this morning, putting his beliefs squarely on the line -- just as mine and Georgina's are -- that something truly amazing is going to take place this weekend . . . or precisely tomorrow. Because it promises to be magnificent, none of us can be quite sure how it will manifest . . . nor does anyone (who believes in it) know!

NASA, of course, pretends to know . . . that it is all either hoax or fantasy: this is NASA doing its job, and nothing more than that. For info, and confirmation (or denial) requests, from/to anywhere in the government are all funneled through to NASA. Well, naturally, the official response will be a denial. What would you expect?

But look at it, yourself (if you can), with some degree of reason: After such manifestations as that East Coast storm, Sandy, or sudden forest wildfires unaccountable to reasoning, and public events like massacres that seem to goad us into looking at things with fresh eyes . . . don't you at least begin to see the hand of fate, in such happenings? Isn't it just . . . possible?

Well, as I've said before, I wouldn't push you over any edge of your own. But . . . BUT . . .

Have a great weekend, one and all, and I'll be around . . . somewhere...

In some form, or another . . . (I think). 

19th December 2012

9:13pm: And the days dwindle down, to a precious . . . TWO

There's been so much to say . . . and so precious little time for it . . . I did want to say more about Georgina and me, the uniquely 'impossible' way we discovered each other, close to two years ago, though residing 20 miles from each other and living radically different lives, yet instantly recognized for the bond we shared -- although I'm sure we'd have described it differently. But it was an instant bonding, and one that neither of us has had any reason to question in the time since.

Well, I've pushed her to limits a few times since, and perhaps asked a lot of indulgence (in the way I carry on), sometimes . . . but she's always 'been there' for me, as we've discovered or realized the incredible depth of our connection: from early work with computers, to backgrounds (both) as cab drivers, to the identical locale of our respective family's Euro origins (though she, herself, hails from Great Lakes Canada and I from California). At every stage, we've seemed to match inner patterns until we've known our meeting had to happen . . . and are left only to wonder at the marvel of how it did. 

The further thing I hadn't said, about Georgina, is my feeling -- my sureness -- that her presence in my world has somehow enabled the physical healing process to get underway in me. This is no small gift, you can be sure. It's not so much her presence in my world, as what that presence has brought -- for I really think she 'brought it with her' -- that it's part of why she's here! That . . . we'd somehow made this agreement with each other, at some 'unearthly' point, before we ever embarked on our separate earlier lives.

Okay, that's one thing this fresh LiveJournal entry has to say. The second is to swing around back to the whole point of this mystical aspect I keep writing about -- to the annoyance of some of you, I'm sure; but I need to account for it particularly to those who are annoyed by it. That is, those who live by their firm grounding in what is perceived as The Real World -- however those of you might see it. Whether grounded in science, daily life, or whatever your personal pursuit that specifically avoids the mystical and 'unreal'. I know there are many roads in life wherein mysticism does not play a part -- and that in order to maintain your own coherence, it's often necessary to bend to that dictate.

I ask only that you let me briefly, here, make my own accounting . . . of why.

The reasons are few. You know that I write philosophically, that I explore topics and ideas and ways of life, as -- shall we say -- as the way of my own life. This has turned out to be the essential reason for my being. I am here to do that, and not much else. And in the course of such pursuit, I've found there to be an aspect of life that is not grounded in any of the general categories we tend to observe. It has nothing to do with making money, or even making a living (our usual convenient euphemism for making money). To be sure, many do make money 'purveying mysticism' -- but over the years I've come to see a certain purity, or a greater clarity, in staying free of that particular influence.

For sure, it took me a long time to refine that awareness . . . and there were many ways I cheated at it, in getting there -- to whatever extent I've become a purist (if I ever did!), it didn't come without a struggle on my part. But I think the goal was always pretty clear, to me. Or it became so, early-on.

What I'm saying, then, is that the eventual clarity, and the mysticism it was grounded in, were like a very private Course in Miracles that I didn't invent: I discovered the reality of it, by demonstration and personal experience. So it's not anything I can ever be dissuaded of. And if you choose to argue with my experience . . . well, that's your privilege. But tell me it's your choice, not that I'm mistaken in my notion. And please don't tell yourself, either, that I'm mistaken. Because then . . . you may be blinding yourself to something you could still see, if you looked for it.

That's all for this one, folks. I'll try to be back for one more . . . tomorrow night.

16th December 2012

3:43pm: Guess Who's Back Again!
Remember me? Old . . . old . . . old What's-his-name...?

Wow! Not since the 1st of December -- and it's now the 16th! -- have I had a posting up here, for those of you who have been waiting on me. I'm truly sorry for that gap -- but it has been a quite amazing half-month of time gone by!! You've NO IDEA, most of you, just how amazing it has been for me.

Of course, it has been amazing for many reasons . . . just keeping up with what's going on around us: anyone in touch with daily news is aware of a good deal of it. Is there anyone out there who thinks daily life is anything that can still be called "Normal"? If so, you have a different sense of the word than I do.

And yet . . . folks still hang-in with whatever they distinguish as standard reality! This, too, kind of blows my mind. A good friend wishes me well . . . reminding me that she still doesn't see the world as I do. And I think: "Good God, woman, I don't necessarily expect you to -- but with what's going on out there, at so many levels, how can you continue to see it the way you have?"

Well, I am not here to crab at any of you . . . I get here too rarely, these days, for any such indulgence. And there is too much to tell you, about what's been going on for ME, that I don't want to waste the wordage of this offering. So let's just get to that...

To begin with, I've gone down-and-up in my physical well-being, like a roller coaster, over the past couple of weeks. Georgina was driving me around like she'd been placed permanently in charge of my mobility, for awhile of it. My chiropractor, though, was really carrying the burden; and following-through on it quite well. But without the two of them, I'd have really lost it . . . and probably just headed for some hospital and 'given myself up to it'. But even that was easier said than done, as I no longer have ready access to a personal physician.

That was the state of things as this month began.

In the early course of it, however, Georgina picked up on a notion that had been floated, more or less, since we first connected, early last year. I'd put it out there, at that time, that we might even . . . get married! . . . if it would make things work any better for our situation. We'd become Reality Partners, right from the start: we both had the same 'take' on matters surrounding the evolving reality, and so the idea of marriage just got thrown into those early conversations.

Well, suddenly it came to life again! The magical date of 12/12/12 would be just perfect for it, thought Georgina. As indeed it would! A special passage-point from a cosmic energy standpoint, and a date for putting one's self (or both selves) on the line about. So Georgina took the necessary steps to make it happen . . . and I, of course, was a full party to the process.

And so it came about!

It has turned out, however, not to be a fullness of its own, but rather . . . it seems -- even in the short space of time since -- some kind of a 'doorway' into a process of my own continued . . . well, healing, for lack of any more precise term.  

Yes. You know how I've said, repeatedly, that I am going through an inner healing process -- intending to certify this, by my continual focus on it . . . knowing that we do create our own reality, thusly. Well, the marriage appears to have put this reality into a full-blown actuality! And I do not say that lightly. I've started extending my walking again, and all in that respect seems to be going well.

With the oddest feeling, I should add . . . that it was all meant to be this way!

12 jpg

1st December 2012

1:10pm: This is so clearly stated, and so deftly put...
. . . it is exactly what I have been saying, and I'm glad that I've located such a well-expressed and confirming/affirming explanation of it.

By the way, the past week or two has been extremely difficult on me. Georgina has been an immense and absolutely necessary help to me, getting me where I have to go and generally helping me to continue handling my world . . . which has been steadily narrowing as we've approached this final pre-Ascension month. I don't know how many of my friends out there hang in with these postings of mine . . . I answer any who write, directly, to me (irvthom @ gmail.com).

Anyway, here it is...

Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: The Aging Process is Not Necessary

As channeled by Taryn Crimi – November 29


Today we would like to focus your attention on the aging process. There are many ingrained beliefs related to the aging process and we would like to help shed some light on the subject at hand. There are many on your world who believe that to age is inevitable; that it is a guaranteed certainty. However we would like to inform you that this is actually not the case.

You see the human body was meant to regenerate constantly and therefore never actually ever experience the process of deterioration. However this belief and understanding has been long since lost with the destruction of both the Lemurian and Atlantian civilizations. The human body still repairs and regenerates itself from illnesses; however your beliefs will always determine what your experience will be. There are many who are searching for the antidote for the aging process, all the while never really realizing that it cannot be found in a bottle or a pill, it can only be found within. This is what we would like to help you to better understand.

Did you know that you actually generate a brand new physical body every 10 years? The cells which made up your bones, muscles, organs, and tissues 10 years ago have all been replaced. So why then does the human body still age? Because your beliefs say that you will. Let’s take a simple example of a scar that you may have had for as long as you can remember. The cells continue to regenerate and eventually they are all replaced, so why then do people still have scars? It’s because you continue to create one! Your beliefs say that you have a scar from this particular incident when you were a child. The new cells will be created to form the scar. Know that it is well within your power to create cells that do not have this make up, the decision is always entirely up to you.

The civilizations of both Atlantis and Lemuria were well aware that the body was meant to last for a very long time. Life spans were around 500 years of age before a body began to deteriorate. Their bodies were built just like your own, however they did not have the belief that their body was to age. We would say that as of right now the average life span of a healthy human is approximately 75 years of age. This is considerably longer than even just a few hundred years ago on your world, however it is a far stretch from several hundred years of age. Your collective beliefs about how long a human “should” live are also changing, you now are finding it acceptable to live double the lifespan that a human lived just several hundred years ago; and your life spans are lengthening with each new generation. Many will claim that it is the technology and healthcare that now allows a human to live a longer life, however we will tell you that it is your changed perception and beliefs that have allowed for such technology and healthcare to be created.

There will come a time on your world when you no longer age. For now we would say that more and more of you will live to be much older than any others in your “recorded” history. Living to be 150 will simply be the norm in a not so distant future. For now, technology and science will continue to work together to slow the aging process down, however know that it is the collective belief system that propels these scientific advancements, not the other way around. Know that there will surely come a time when you yourselves will be able to prevent the aging process simply with your own beliefs.

You may wonder why a human would have to die at all if the body continues to regenerate. This is a wonderful question and we would say it is to allow you to “reset”, to allow you to exit this reality and reincarnate into another experience with a different “set up”; which allows for new challenges, new experiences, and new relationships.

Know that in the higher dimensions not only do we not age but we do not experience the death process as you do here in the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Rather, instead of the “death” of the physical body we simply remove our focus or our “energy” from that reality when we are through with all that we want to experience. We simply shift our focus to one of the many other realities that we are a part of. We do not see the “death” process as being a sad occasion in the higher dimension; rather, it is customary to have a celebration.

This may sound odd to those of you here in the lower dimensions because you experience such great sadness from the perceived loss, however when you are in the higher dimensions you know that you are never disconnected from any being. You are free to connect with them anytime you like. We would say that it is similar to how you view a college graduation. The student has learned all that they had set out to in that field of study and is now ready to take on another experience. You celebrate the achievements of the student, you do not mourn for the loss, because you know that the student has accomplished a great task and they are ready for the next “chapter” in their lives. Just because they will no longer attend college does not mean they cease to exist. This in a way is very similar to how we view the “death” process.

So how exactly can you change your beliefs about the aging process? Well quite simply put, expect not to age. There is no reason why you should. We smile because humans have a tendency to make many things much more complicated that are really quite simple from our perspective; however we realize what a tremendous leap in consciousness it would require to simply stop the aging process on your world “overnight”. However we would suggest that you begin to look at your beliefs about the aging process. Look around you and you will see many humans of the same “age” and yet there are some who look much younger and others who look much older. Why is that? It is their beliefs which determine how they will experience the aging process. Some age quite gracefully, never experiencing diminished cognitive abilities; while others experience signs of aging long before you would consider them old. Science will eventually learn that the aging process has nothing to do with your genetic lineage, or inevitable deterioration of the cells, but rather the mind's expectations.

What are your beliefs about aging? Do you wish to change any of them? How old will you be when you expect to experience the symptoms of aging? Do you expect to have wrinkles when you get old? Do you expect to have gray hair, and walk with a cane? Or do you expect to continue to feel vivacious, filled with energy from your “youth”. Know that your beliefs can never be kept secret; they will always show on your face for all to see. Just how long do you expect to be young?

We hope that this message has in some way served you.

In love and light we are your Angelic Guides

20th November 2012

3:45pm: How do you spread Love when there is so much NOT to love?

I want to share a remarkably timely piece of writing that arrived on my screen yesterday. Something that responds to the question I headed this with. In fact, an extremely vital piece of truth for this moment. It's titled...

Every Other Beating Heart

and in the mode of its originating source, it was Heavenletter #4379, November 20, 2012.


God said:

All on Earth want to be the best they can be and do their best. Even those who may steal want to be good at stealing. Even so, taking is where the one who steals is. He sees it as necessary, or, he may even see it as his right.

He is not where you are, so be glad you are where you are and know that . . . the one who does less than what your righteous self allows is on his path, not yours.

Every person on Earth is doing the best he can. He has chosen the best he can. He has free will just as you do. No one on Earth can say how the thief serves or doesn’t serve and what he is worth. I am giving you a lesson on non-judgment. The one you judge may not judge you at all. In that way, he may well be ahead of you!

I am not suggesting that anyone steal from another. I am suggesting that you are better than you know, and you are better than to lock others into your judgment of them.

You know, it has been said that lions are the king of beasts. It is the world of men that gives titles like that. The king of, alas, beasts. Each dear animal on Earth is as he can only be. The lion is as he is. The fox is as he is. The kitten is as he is. Neither the lion nor the fox nor the kitten classify one another. One dog may be dominant over another, yet that is an ordering of nature and not judgment. Each unto his nature.

The beings on Earth with the highest potential of all are human beings. The irony. The highest of all -- alone -- judge, and judge others as wanting.

It will benefit you to be humble before all beings, animal and mineral. You are not superior, better and so forth. I did not make My beloved animals and stones for nothing. I made them for something. And what I have made is not for you to feel superior to. Where is the love in that?

I made you of love, so be it. Be love and not a judge.

17th November 2012

7:29pm: Another Outlook on current reality
This piece arrived for me, today, and it's a slightly different take on my usual thesis about the time being 'upon us' for the reality shift we are about to undergo (or which, indeed, is already underway). While I generally stress the self-effected 'personal reality', this one universalizes what is actually taking place. So I give way to it as a possibly broader view...
By glr_Andrea - Posted on 17 November 2012 
"There is plenty of polarity to go around.  Revolutions all over the globe offer up a world view that is anything but united.  We are pushing the limits, testing the restraints, seeing just how far it will hold before it breaks.
"Children do this.  Place a limit or a rule on the behavior of a child and he’ll immediately almost break it and watch what happens.  If there is no reaction she’ll move closer to breaking it, awaiting the repercussions.  If they are not decisive enough – the rules are blatantly ignored; to hell with the consequences!  What has been forbidden is just too good to ignore, at any cost.
"Despite every effort to the contrary, oneness is upon us.  We as a species have seen beyond the chains that bind us.  We’ve decided that’s where we want to be; indeed we’ve discovered our truth.  There will be no stopping this shift until our unity is palpable on every shore and in each heart.
"We’ve done this ourselves.  There has been One Force that enlivened our transformation and that force is love.  We have chosen love.  As my son said a few days ago, we’ve tried everything else.  Nothing else works.  It is the truth of our very essence that is our power.  We are love.
"We are moving very quickly now towards the galactic alignment that we’ve been told will signify the end of duality, a shift in our way of life.  Despite predictions and promises, none of us actually knows what it’ll look or feel like, not exactly.  Yet there is one thing that can be surmised from even a cursory view at current headlines.  We are coming together as never before.
"Whether this is due to a criminal banking system, a corrupt government or a natural disaster; we have joined hands, hearts and minds to find solutions.  This is unity.  It gets stronger every day and is felt in surprising places.
"The energy of our light is so very powerful.  It’s broken through the cabal-inflicted darkness and flooded the place.  There is nothing we can’t do.
"This simple decision, to love, is transforming the world.  You are, without exception, exquisite.  Take a look into your eyes today and say hello to a piece of divinity. You did it!  You have hung in there at every impossible moment and met each obstacle.  You are here now because of your sheer will and absolute love.  In truth, many times it wasn’t that much fun.  You stayed anyway. You’re doing a great job.
"I’m not sure what precisely you are here to do, yet I can tell you with full confidence what you are here to feel.  You are here to experience agape.  With every ounce of emotion you have, love yourself.  You are one in seven billion and absolutely perfect.  God, in putting this whole thing together, needed just one more piece in order to pull it off.  That piece is you.  You complete the puzzle; it is now a work of art.
"This masterpiece that is creation is alive and crawling with artists.  Each moment there’s a new stroke, a bold color, or a subtle nuance added.  We are the painters and the patrons, the brushes and the paint, the canvas and the pencils, the mind, heart and soul of this work.  Our masterpiece evolves as we breathe in and out…love.  This world is an emission of our brilliance, a product of our combined agape.  Our eyes behold the reflection of One
"There is no other who holds the brush; this work is our very own.  We are the One we’ve been waiting for."

12th November 2012

11:54pm: A Personal Turning-Point

Wow . . . event-packed and very challenging days, this past week or two, as I try to figure out what is going on in my world. Georgina's, too, of course -- as we are in continual daily contact. Each being plagued by recent illness and seemingly strange things we've had to deal with. At the moment, however . . . and with this latest measure of it, I can only speak for myself.

There were vital things I had to take care of, during the course of this past week. I needed to schedule my time well, and see that I was properly energized for it. Some of it had to do with copy-shop work, at a place I know I can rely on; though I had to return there a second time, because it was sensitive work I was up to. And, along with all that, significant old contacts of mine on the UW campus.

It came to pass, though, that 'something physical' just entirely ran out on me at the height of my activity, I think it was Thursday. Could be off by a day. I just lost it . . . I totally lost it. A couple of bad decisions, a missed bus or two, and it felt suddenly like my whole body just collapsed . . (me within it).

I found myself literally unable to board the final bus of the day, taking me to within a block of where I live. I had to be helped on the bus, by someone who had physical problems himself. Yes, I was that bad off . . . in full-body pain, not at all sure what was going on with me.

I've been almost solidly at home, ever since . . . pretty-much in pain, taking a nightly sedative (which I've not been a stranger to, but up to this week it was mostly to quell the pain of a deep bowel issue -- a matter that has not been bothering me these past few days. 

I'm sorry to lay all the sordid physical detail on you; but it's to lay some groundwork for what this LiveJournal entry really has to say . . . which might be of some interest to you. I've been turning all of this over, for the full weekend (of residential confinement), and a very different answer to all of it has come into my head. A pretty wild one!

I've been pushing myself, for the past several months, to hold out and 'hold on' for what is now the remaining 40 days until 12/21/12, the slated date for the great transformation variously referred to as the great shift in consciousness, the moment of Ascension, or the end of the Mayan Calendar. Whatever, it is regarded as a date of momentous significance. By many who fear it and many who simply believe in it . . . as well, of course, by many who scoff at it.

Well, it suddenly struck me, today, that I've been functioning, all this time, from the very same headspace: as someone 'waiting for that day to arrive' . . . even though I had conceptualized -- weeks ago -- that the momentum of the radical turnaround was already underway . . . that my own Ascension was not only assured, but it had already begun! I felt confidently sure of this. So I asked myself, today, what had become of that conviction? Where had it gone, and how'd I ever let it slip away from me?

Because . . .

Do you see where I'm going with this? I recognized, today, that I had let that realization totally slip from my grasp . . . I had completely lost the recognition, and the beautiful space it was able to put me in, right when I need it the most! Like TODAY.

I saw, at once, that it was a headspace issue. And I wasted no further part of this day-at-home being 'where I was' yesterday. I simply turned my headspace around, and became The New Person I intend to be . . . in the approaching time of a Dimensional Shift . . . because, you see, I am already on my way! It is merely a matter of getting out of my victim headspace and into my new-dimensional self.

And I do not speak lightly, when I say "merely a matter of." The headspace is ours to choose. Never forget or lose sight of the fact that we make this choice, ourselves. All the time.

So I changed my headspace, today, and I am quite literally a new and upbeat person, as I write this tonight. Be aware of the power you have to be whom you want to be.

6th November 2012

11:01am: The simplicity of this Presidential Election

Today's election is/was essentially a referendum on Obama's presidency. That's it!

For better or worse, Mitt Romney happens to be the 'fall guy' who became the counter-balance in the issue. Personally, I think the Republicans could have found a more worthy representative, but...  What the voting is all about is a 'pass' or 'fail' on Obama. And the choice could be made on how he affected your life.

OR... the choice could be made on how you feel about where the world is headed.

I happen to feel that the world is headed for a full-scale Dimensional Uplift. That the time for this is now upon us, and that Obama has been, and remains, a good steward for it.

That's all for today, folks. Be Well, Be Positive, and Have Faith in Things...


4th November 2012


Non-believers in what?

Well, in the power for change that we have at our disposal, once we begin to believe it, and to work with it. I mean, here, the power for changing our reality. The creative power at our actual disposal, that many scoff at, as something of a dreamer's world. The 'power' that I keep saying exists -- while some of you (I'm sure) have considered me something of a dreamer.

To be sure, I am a dreamer. But be careful not to discount me, on that account!

My claim, in this respect, is that there are two things to know, about the reality that each of us lives in (or perceives). The first is that it is highly personal: we may live among the same events and objects around us as everyone else around us is a witness to and 'perceiver of'. However, each of us brings to this observation a personal framework of past experience and already-tempered perspectives. So that -- in effect, what surrounds us appears differently to each of us. This is what gives us a highly personalized and private reality, but there is little surface reason to be aware of it. 

It's important to realize this, because we need to stay aware that our view of reality is our very own . . . as it is for everyone. Questions of who's right and who's wrong are often subtle, and to the extent this becomes an issue between folks, it usually has this foundation.

Ahh, but then we come to the second part of this topic: Following on the little realized fact of a private, very personal Reality comes a huge gift that even fewer folks seem to be aware of: we are capable of generating change into our own lives!

How can this be so? All I can tell you is that it came to me as a revelation . . . and has been confirmed to me by actual experience . . . I've found it to be so! In effect, It calls for a personal mind-set -- very deliberate, as definitive as possible, and continually reinforced by dedication and insistence. It's a bit like training a pet . . . and we may actually be doing something of the sort! (the consciousness portion of ourself is dealing with the mind/body part of us). That's my best guess, as to the mechanism, and it's all I can say in response to the dubious among you. As to the ultimate effect, I can best illustrate it with recent personal experience... 

My long-time readers know that I've had to deal with a dysfunctional bowel system for many years. It puts me on the edge of a 'continual conflict' going on within me -- a steady uncertainty as to whether I am 'endangering myself' by failing to pursue some sort of medical treatment avenue. I have a long-standing aversion to that, as many also know.

Instead, I practice a creative program of 'changing the game' to one toward which I am more favorably disposed: Using this creative element of consciousness, I regularly tell myself that a healing process is underway, within my guts. I am actively changing the terms of what may be happening inside my body. And I've no reason to doubt the quality and continuity of the internal healing I've been receiving from it.

Just today, in fact, my bowels performed remarkably, for me -- entirely on their own initiative! -- after a full night of unusually good sleep. (Which is probably why I chose this evening to make this particular LiveJournal entry).

[In all honesty, though, the blessing has happened before . . . and then I've gone right back into Bowel Lockup. BUT, it can do that 'switch' on me again and again, so long as it keeps going the full round . . . it's okay, you see, because it's pulling me through this passage of change, healing me as it goes, and now validating the point I'm trying to get across!] 

3rd November 2012

12:06am: Ahh, yes . . . A choice of Realities is at hand...

I watch the nightly news about that monster East Coast storm they call Sandy, and it gives me every indication that our world, indeed, has come to (or is coming to) its radical interface with a "moment of world-changing destiny" . . . or as I usually put it: Ascension

It remains fascinating to me that there is so much difficulty -- within our generalized reality, and among folks, broadly -- of handling this vision . . . which more and more assertively presents itself. Now we are coping with an East Coast situation of utter, unimaginable (before now) disaster -- and yet we seem to prefer a kind of insistent denial in the face of it. So deeply are we 'infected' by our reliance on what we like to call the "rational" view of things. 

Folks, can't you see, by now, that we're hooked on a level of belief, in a level of assumed reality, that boils down to nothing more than a belief system? It may have all the blessings of our full cultural heritage of "clear thinking" -- but in the evident end, it is simply a viewpoint, painted for us as truth, rationalism, the way things 'really are' . . . whatever you wish to call it. Except Reality.

For the Reality is now familiar to us as Sandy . . . in its full and awesome presence for so many who have been trying to cope with it. And yet, everyone at large -- as much (and thankfully!) as Sandy is seen to be some function of Global Warming -- refuses to see any connection (any realistic connection) with the circumstance that we are also approaching a critical time of turn-around that many of us view as the deadline moment for our entry into a multi-dimensional reality.

Well, you are privileged, or entitled, to the reality you choose for your own. I couldn't take that from you, no matter what 'proof' I present. I merely want to make the case for an open mind. And leave this with you as my parting shot.

For the moment. 
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