OldIrv (oldandeasy) wrote,

Guess Who's Back Again!

Remember me? Old . . . old . . . old What's-his-name...?

Wow! Not since the 1st of December -- and it's now the 16th! -- have I had a posting up here, for those of you who have been waiting on me. I'm truly sorry for that gap -- but it has been a quite amazing half-month of time gone by!! You've NO IDEA, most of you, just how amazing it has been for me.

Of course, it has been amazing for many reasons . . . just keeping up with what's going on around us: anyone in touch with daily news is aware of a good deal of it. Is there anyone out there who thinks daily life is anything that can still be called "Normal"? If so, you have a different sense of the word than I do.

And yet . . . folks still hang-in with whatever they distinguish as standard reality! This, too, kind of blows my mind. A good friend wishes me well . . . reminding me that she still doesn't see the world as I do. And I think: "Good God, woman, I don't necessarily expect you to -- but with what's going on out there, at so many levels, how can you continue to see it the way you have?"

Well, I am not here to crab at any of you . . . I get here too rarely, these days, for any such indulgence. And there is too much to tell you, about what's been going on for ME, that I don't want to waste the wordage of this offering. So let's just get to that...

To begin with, I've gone down-and-up in my physical well-being, like a roller coaster, over the past couple of weeks. Georgina was driving me around like she'd been placed permanently in charge of my mobility, for awhile of it. My chiropractor, though, was really carrying the burden; and following-through on it quite well. But without the two of them, I'd have really lost it . . . and probably just headed for some hospital and 'given myself up to it'. But even that was easier said than done, as I no longer have ready access to a personal physician.

That was the state of things as this month began.

In the early course of it, however, Georgina picked up on a notion that had been floated, more or less, since we first connected, early last year. I'd put it out there, at that time, that we might even . . . get married! . . . if it would make things work any better for our situation. We'd become Reality Partners, right from the start: we both had the same 'take' on matters surrounding the evolving reality, and so the idea of marriage just got thrown into those early conversations.

Well, suddenly it came to life again! The magical date of 12/12/12 would be just perfect for it, thought Georgina. As indeed it would! A special passage-point from a cosmic energy standpoint, and a date for putting one's self (or both selves) on the line about. So Georgina took the necessary steps to make it happen . . . and I, of course, was a full party to the process.

And so it came about!

It has turned out, however, not to be a fullness of its own, but rather . . . it seems -- even in the short space of time since -- some kind of a 'doorway' into a process of my own continued . . . well, healing, for lack of any more precise term.  

Yes. You know how I've said, repeatedly, that I am going through an inner healing process -- intending to certify this, by my continual focus on it . . . knowing that we do create our own reality, thusly. Well, the marriage appears to have put this reality into a full-blown actuality! And I do not say that lightly. I've started extending my walking again, and all in that respect seems to be going well.

With the oddest feeling, I should add . . . that it was all meant to be this way!

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