OldIrv (oldandeasy) wrote,

My final entry -- ???

Well, let's just say that it's the last one I can be sure of, at this moment. Tomorrow, midday, Georgina and I go for a grand lunch, the gift of my chiropractor, at a special Italian place. And we'll just discover What's Happening, from there.

This morning, I received a validating all-points message from my longtime friend, Jack Noel, in New Mexico. Let me briefly sum the tale of this connection, because it has meaning in the present context. 

Jack is one of two long-term friendships that eventuated with people who picked up this hitch-hiker at the roadside. The other was Laraine, who is as strongly 'out there on the fringe' as I am . . . and as Jack is. We who deviate from the everyday norm have our embedded affiliates . . . do not suppose I 'mysticize' alone!

Anyway, Jack sent an amazing message this morning, putting his beliefs squarely on the line -- just as mine and Georgina's are -- that something truly amazing is going to take place this weekend . . . or precisely tomorrow. Because it promises to be magnificent, none of us can be quite sure how it will manifest . . . nor does anyone (who believes in it) know!

NASA, of course, pretends to know . . . that it is all either hoax or fantasy: this is NASA doing its job, and nothing more than that. For info, and confirmation (or denial) requests, from/to anywhere in the government are all funneled through to NASA. Well, naturally, the official response will be a denial. What would you expect?

But look at it, yourself (if you can), with some degree of reason: After such manifestations as that East Coast storm, Sandy, or sudden forest wildfires unaccountable to reasoning, and public events like massacres that seem to goad us into looking at things with fresh eyes . . . don't you at least begin to see the hand of fate, in such happenings? Isn't it just . . . possible?

Well, as I've said before, I wouldn't push you over any edge of your own. But . . . BUT . . .

Have a great weekend, one and all, and I'll be around . . . somewhere...

In some form, or another . . . (I think). 
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