OldIrv (oldandeasy) wrote,

Anyone for . . . Ascension?


Well, we've had a week to assess it, now, on individually personal levels: Did the great 'turning point' amount to anything? Did it fulfill its prospect? Have you felt changes appropriate to its advance billing? Do YOU feel significantly changed . . . and on your way into a process of Ascension?

What's the personal verdict on that?

I've said a couple things about it, already, for myself. In the first place, I've felt all along that it was a process more gradual than sudden and that it had already been underway for some while, before the turning-point moment arrived. Maybe I was protecting myself against disappointment, I'm not sure. A natural skepticism has always resided in me. As well as a dreamer's outlook. I've lived through quite a lot, in my life's course.

Still . . . I've been basically a Dreamer, on this particular prospect. I WANT to see the change . . . I WANT to believe in it. I'll give it the benefit of every uncertainty.

So, where, at long last, do I stand, on what took place . . . or didn't?

I watched that first night -- 12/21/12 -- and reported that it gave me my first full and restful night of sleep in a very long while. A good beginning . . . but hardly enough for the great build-up the occasion had prompted.

I said also, however, that I had 'invested' the situation with my own qualifications. I had 'seeded it,' as it were, with my personal focus on a process of internal healing. If nothing else, this gave me a basis for appraisal of what actually did transpire. For myself, at least. I put my own primary concerns into it.

And I'm pleased to report: that personal healing has very definitely been taking place! -- though it comes somewhat in fits and starts. But evident in several respects: my bowel action has improved; my left-leg reliability has gone back and forth but is quite clearly in process of adjustment. These are highly personal measures . . . but more believable to me, in that very circumstance, than 'generally observed results' might be. This is what I wanted, and this is what I got!

How about you?

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