OldIrv (oldandeasy) wrote,

GUESS WHAT . . . . . . . !!!


Treasure this one, folks. Analyze it to your heart's content. Or just laugh your head off. But don't, DON'T, DON'T write to me about it.

This -- FOR SURE -- is my final entry in this oldandeasy LiveJournal segment. I'll maintain options, for awhile, about the oldefool LiveJournal site. Doesn't mean I'm going to continue with those; but they were to serve a different purpose, that I may still consider to be a valid (i.e.: non-wasteful) use of my time. But no promises on it!

This one, however, will go no further!


I am finally recognizing that . . . no one really cares.

Over the several-month course of the last 25 entries I've made to this, I received exactly one response comment. It is such an obvious waste of my time and concern that I feel rather sheepish about the HUGE ego investment it has represented . . . really: it's a shameful commentary, in itself. It has finally brought me to my senses. Yes, there have been a few personal comments from folks, outside the frame provided . . . but usually in response to comments made outside the frame, by myself . . . like on the phone, when I say "Did you see my recent entry? . . ."

Ego is, perhaps, my biggest personal problem. But this narrow ledge of it is being cut off!


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