OldIrv (oldandeasy) wrote,

Day by Day, my 'Real World' gets harder and harder to believe


This constant question, you know, about the Ascension thing: Are we on our way? . . . Am I, personally, on my way? And if not that, How do I account for weird things that have begun happening to me? I mean . . . some of it just seems really off the wall from what has always been my Real World!

Yesterday, after a rainy-afternoon appointment with my chiropractor, I trudged up to my neighborhood Whole Foods Market and bought -- as I invariably do -- more food than I could easily manage to carry -- especially with the rain heavier, and now darkness makin everything more problematical . . . it was suddenly too much for me.

I thought of my apartment neighbor, Jerry. He's helped me over tight humps before, but it wasn't the sort of thing one could count on. Nevertheless, in desperation I gave him a cellphone call. Amazingly, he was just headed out the door, himself, on a short list of personal errands that included a stop at the Whole Foods Market! I caught him just as he was ready to take off. It was quite as if -- Yes, I had certainly Ascended, and now all I had to do was focus on what I needed. With amazing speed, Jerry was there, in the Market, right there beside me! To provide this full rescue from the travail I was facing. Have you any idea how good and new-dimensional-reality this felt? Was there any other explanation for it?

Today's instance was somewhat different . . . but in the end, it has had much the same feeling...

Entirely baffled by the equipment, and accompanying instructions that Comcast had sent, regarding the change they had recently put into place, with their equipment, I had requested of them a technician visit, here, to pull me through it. It took place this afternoon, and -- however the guy managed it, I seem to have all my old perks back, on my video set-up, and MUCH MORE than I had imagined I'd ever get out of my video, along with it. 

I swear, I have to be in the New Reality . . . call it Ascension, or whatever is a truer name for what's going on in my world now. I'm even able to do Sudoku puzzles more easily than I ever before could do them. Am I out here in another Dimension  . . . or what?
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