OldIrv (oldandeasy) wrote,

Time to say goodbye . . .

Well, I think it's time for me to get straightforward and serious about what is going on for me. Many of you know already, and others have probably made the assumption.

In another few weeks, I'll be hitting my 86th birthday, the old body getting steadily weaker, and only sure of itself when braced by my 5-foot walking staff -- which I make sure never to be without. Even with it, I walk slowly and deliberately, and sit often for a rest.

My nephew, Gordon, will be up this way -- along with his son, Robbie, who wants to see me one last time. Yes, we'll all go out together, along with Georgina, for one final birthday party. [Assuming I'm still here by then!].

It has come down to that. I feel my body failing daily, and I'm making no bets on anything: I may still be here in three weeks . . . but, I may not.

It is exactly that dicey for me, these days.

Having failed to be this totally up-front about it, up to now, I recognize that the time has come to put the message out, in all its black/white clarity. So this is that message!

And it goes up as an entry on my LiveJournal site.

Just remember two things about me: one, that I have lived the life I wanted to live -- not always as honorably as I might have, but to my full satisfaction. And two: that friendships have been my most precious attainment . . . and yours is/was certainly among them!

Thanks for so often being there for me, and with me.


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