OldIrv (oldandeasy) wrote,

Ahh, yes . . . A choice of Realities is at hand...

I watch the nightly news about that monster East Coast storm they call Sandy, and it gives me every indication that our world, indeed, has come to (or is coming to) its radical interface with a "moment of world-changing destiny" . . . or as I usually put it: Ascension

It remains fascinating to me that there is so much difficulty -- within our generalized reality, and among folks, broadly -- of handling this vision . . . which more and more assertively presents itself. Now we are coping with an East Coast situation of utter, unimaginable (before now) disaster -- and yet we seem to prefer a kind of insistent denial in the face of it. So deeply are we 'infected' by our reliance on what we like to call the "rational" view of things. 

Folks, can't you see, by now, that we're hooked on a level of belief, in a level of assumed reality, that boils down to nothing more than a belief system? It may have all the blessings of our full cultural heritage of "clear thinking" -- but in the evident end, it is simply a viewpoint, painted for us as truth, rationalism, the way things 'really are' . . . whatever you wish to call it. Except Reality.

For the Reality is now familiar to us as Sandy . . . in its full and awesome presence for so many who have been trying to cope with it. And yet, everyone at large -- as much (and thankfully!) as Sandy is seen to be some function of Global Warming -- refuses to see any connection (any realistic connection) with the circumstance that we are also approaching a critical time of turn-around that many of us view as the deadline moment for our entry into a multi-dimensional reality.

Well, you are privileged, or entitled, to the reality you choose for your own. I couldn't take that from you, no matter what 'proof' I present. I merely want to make the case for an open mind. And leave this with you as my parting shot.

For the moment. 
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