OldIrv (oldandeasy) wrote,


Non-believers in what?

Well, in the power for change that we have at our disposal, once we begin to believe it, and to work with it. I mean, here, the power for changing our reality. The creative power at our actual disposal, that many scoff at, as something of a dreamer's world. The 'power' that I keep saying exists -- while some of you (I'm sure) have considered me something of a dreamer.

To be sure, I am a dreamer. But be careful not to discount me, on that account!

My claim, in this respect, is that there are two things to know, about the reality that each of us lives in (or perceives). The first is that it is highly personal: we may live among the same events and objects around us as everyone else around us is a witness to and 'perceiver of'. However, each of us brings to this observation a personal framework of past experience and already-tempered perspectives. So that -- in effect, what surrounds us appears differently to each of us. This is what gives us a highly personalized and private reality, but there is little surface reason to be aware of it. 

It's important to realize this, because we need to stay aware that our view of reality is our very own . . . as it is for everyone. Questions of who's right and who's wrong are often subtle, and to the extent this becomes an issue between folks, it usually has this foundation.

Ahh, but then we come to the second part of this topic: Following on the little realized fact of a private, very personal Reality comes a huge gift that even fewer folks seem to be aware of: we are capable of generating change into our own lives!

How can this be so? All I can tell you is that it came to me as a revelation . . . and has been confirmed to me by actual experience . . . I've found it to be so! In effect, It calls for a personal mind-set -- very deliberate, as definitive as possible, and continually reinforced by dedication and insistence. It's a bit like training a pet . . . and we may actually be doing something of the sort! (the consciousness portion of ourself is dealing with the mind/body part of us). That's my best guess, as to the mechanism, and it's all I can say in response to the dubious among you. As to the ultimate effect, I can best illustrate it with recent personal experience... 

My long-time readers know that I've had to deal with a dysfunctional bowel system for many years. It puts me on the edge of a 'continual conflict' going on within me -- a steady uncertainty as to whether I am 'endangering myself' by failing to pursue some sort of medical treatment avenue. I have a long-standing aversion to that, as many also know.

Instead, I practice a creative program of 'changing the game' to one toward which I am more favorably disposed: Using this creative element of consciousness, I regularly tell myself that a healing process is underway, within my guts. I am actively changing the terms of what may be happening inside my body. And I've no reason to doubt the quality and continuity of the internal healing I've been receiving from it.

Just today, in fact, my bowels performed remarkably, for me -- entirely on their own initiative! -- after a full night of unusually good sleep. (Which is probably why I chose this evening to make this particular LiveJournal entry).

[In all honesty, though, the blessing has happened before . . . and then I've gone right back into Bowel Lockup. BUT, it can do that 'switch' on me again and again, so long as it keeps going the full round . . . it's okay, you see, because it's pulling me through this passage of change, healing me as it goes, and now validating the point I'm trying to get across!] 

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