OldIrv (oldandeasy) wrote,

Tricky times! -- Not at all easy to run with.


Of course, you could ask me "What did you expect?" And I'd have to hide my face, avoiding any hard answer. The truth, of course, is that I had no way of knowing what to expect (none of us did) -- but hidden below the reserve or the honest innocence was a pretty absolute expectation that we were going to see some kind of improvement in the general sense of things. I mean, those of us who understood it -- more honestly, who believed in it -- as a great turn-around moment in the course of things . . . well, the expectation had been a very long time, a-building! Long enough, in fact, that we weren't about to settle for **nothing at all!** Or what has thus far seemed that way.

So I was quite happy, this evening, for the arrival of a link to the worthwhile work of a "Soul Level Astrologer" named Mark Borax -- his very current appraisal of what he feels is going on, here, with whatever is going on here.

I can't quote his full report, but I think I can usefully convey to you the critical heart of it, where it dwells on these concerns. Maybe it will help with your uncertainties, as it has helped with my own...

"The pattern we are shedding is the pattern of having forced ourselves to fit into a broken system. To make the world work we stuffed our truth, damaging our gut instincts, creating illness and distortion. Since the 1970s this disease has grown epidemic, until normalcy itself became a severely twisted version of reality. When you feel poisoned by this venom, dig down into the great love packed into your soul. Let the sheer abrasiveness of world drama slough off your former nature and open your inner vision to the interconnectedness of all things.
"To shed everything but love means your commitment will be put to the test. Darkness will vie with light for supremacy on the world stage. The power you've been given as a soul manifesting in human form during the greatest change of the ages was not given to you lightly or accidentally. It is no error of the gods that you find yourself here. The force that sent you here is the same creative force that created the universe, and it can remake the world if enough of us awaken to the power that we have to change things.
"The task this year is to love the hell out of yourself, to turn the truth of your innermost heart into the beacon light you steer by. To rise up from the chaos of a dying world, peel the old skin off and at long last discover what you're made of.
"Right Livelihood means you're here to do so much more than pay bills, and that no barrier can block the unleashed creative dream of your soul. For when the world serpent opens her inner eyes, time and space part, and all things reveal their essence."

And then Mark Borax (http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs101/1102009605832/archive/1112018429745.html) goes on to detail the various astro-signs and how each might relate to this info. I only want to touch briefly on my own, of these, for an instance of how he deals with this. I find that it fits well.

"Aries: Despite your timidity and confusion you are a spiritual warrior who needs to choose your battles wisely rather than exhaust yourself fighting everything. Spiritual Warriors are distinguished from other kinds by claiming the great truth that you are your own greatest opponent and ally. Once you work out your inner turmoil nothing will stand in your way. Those people who shut you down are simply reminders of the part of you that has been blocking yourself. Once you vanquish your inner opponents the outer ones will be easier to deal with."
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