OldIrv (oldandeasy) wrote,

Okay, one more time, for this LiveJournal site...


I really expected that I would not be putting another entry in here . . . that I'd have switched completely, by now, to what I'm calling the 'Memento site' -- because I have only memento tales I mean to leave, from here on out. That site, you'd better know, is a LiveJournal site I've called oldeIrv -- much more colorful and fanciful than this one [oldandeasy].

What prompts me to one more return, here, is that I watched, this evening, a unit in the series: Doctor Martin -- a passably good video series, but it relies on the impeccable diagnostic skills of that certain Dr. Martin, who seems capable of knowing, for a certainty, anyone's medical future once he puts his mind and skills to it. Those, of course, are 'story necessities' and I could ordinarily allow for it . . . for the sake of the story. It paints a necessary picture, however, that there are diagnostic certainties . . . with which I am in total disagreement. There are no diagnostic certainties, and I am the living proof of it! I am the longest-lived of my sibling trio . . . beating out my generally healthier brother by almost 20 years, thus far, and my much healthier sister by about 25.

I'm certainly no shining physical specimen, at 85, but that is very much the point of this: I had a job to do, and I've been doing it all this time . . . and apparently am still at it, for who knows how much longer! My time will come when it comes... and not before then.

Among the many areas of my 'understanding' with Georgina is the absolute certainty that we were 'meant to connect' with each other -- we assume it was by some sort of Pre-Birth Agreement we'd made, before each of us pursued younger lives in other parts of the country: slated to meet each other, here in the northwest, so as to round out this 'assignment' together. We are both convinced of it, for it came together so simply and naturally, when it finally did . . . even though we lived (and continue to) about 20 miles from each other, pursuing quite different personal agendas.

So I wanted to put that out: that there is no certainty about the transition of death, either as to when it will happen, nor how. And to foist any such possibility (whether by video drama, or by medical 'wisdom') is to entertain a fiction -- which is to say, those who choose to believe it, are merely shutting their own minds to other possibilities. It seems to me, it would certainly be preferable to leave the range of possibilities open, instead of closing them down. But . . . suit yourself! It IS up to you!

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