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Irv's Scrapbook

Heading for the 13th Septide

14 April 1927
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For better or worse, this 20th Century kid has hung around into the 21st — with a lot of mixed feelings about the changes I've witnessed. The better part of it is this great blessing called the web, and all the dream-fulfillment that it provides. But the worse part is the change that has been wrought in values, and the way life is lived. Unless you're older than 50, though, you might not really know what I mean by that. For the change has been many decades underway.

It greatly disturbs me — the differences between the mid-century years and now, and the level of indifference about those differences that currently exists. For it seems to me to be at the very heart of why this country is on its present lost-and-wandering course.

I, myself, had to abandon that course of change, and left the world of commerce and wages about 35 years ago, fed up with what it was doing to my head. I never looked back, and have never been sorry for leaving it — even though it put me into a materially hard life, for quite some time. But I adapted, and still feel I'm better off for having done so. It cleared my head of all the need for more that seems to have taken total possession of our society, and characterizes it today.

These thoughts underlie the purpose I have in mind, for this blog. I have another LJ page under another name (oldefool), being used for entirely different purposes, and anyone is welcome to check that out.